You can't manage what you can't see

Most field sales managers can't see sales activities in their CRM.

Most sales teams are stumbling around in the dark


of sales “data” says nothing about selling.

The vast majority of CRM records give minimal visibility into actual selling activities.


of sales teams don’t get basic insights.

With no visibility into sales activities, most sales teams can’t use CRM to measure sales cycle, activity levels, or activities across opportunity stages.


of CRM deal records have just the minimum data.

Beyond simple pipeline reports, most teams can’t get insights into what’s working or what’s not working in the field.

CRM was built for sales.
So why does it have so little sales data?

“Do you want me to sell, or give you status updates?”
“I’ll do it when I sit down to update everything for the week.”

Because nobody likes data entry!

(especially sales people)

Managing CRM shouldn't be a chore.

With our mobile app, Selligy slashes the time your team spends in your CRM, while giving you unprecedented visibility into selling activity and greater confidence in your forecast.

Selligy customers are seeing:


more deal updates

After just a month, Selligy users log 150% more deal updates compared to their colleagues.


more activity visibility

Selligy allows users to log activities with a finger swipe, even automatically linking each activity to the right accounts, contacts, and deals.


more frequent pipeline updates

When your team can update the pipeline while walking out of a meeting, your pipeline becomes real time.