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Selligy for Salesforce.com is the easiest, fastest way for salespeople to update their pipeline, log meetings and calls, and see what's coming.

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Salespeople log 5x more activities into CRM...
So managers can improve coaching and spot trouble sooner.
How Selligy Works


faster logging of calls and meetings vs. Salesforce


more activity logged after using Selligy

Mobile CRM designed for the people who use it.

Selligy shortcuts the manual work of logging critical sales activities. We automatically detect customer meetings based on Salesforce data, then remind the salesperson to log the meeting. With a single swipe, they find that the meeting time, location, and all of the meeting attendees have already been added by Selligy.

Selligy even finds and links the meeting to the right Opportunity record. And if the meeting attendees aren’t already in Salesforce, Selligy will just add them. 

The fastest way to manage your pipeline, right from your phone.

Selligy’s opportunity manager lets salespeople update all of their deals from a single screen. Instead of scrolling past tons of irrelevant fields, they can update forecast information with a single tap.

With Selligy, salespeople can even change multiple deals and review their new totals before saving their changes to Salesforce – Selligy then updates their full pipeline with a single save. No more figuring out your forecast in Excel, Email and scrap paper! You finally have an app built for the way you actually manage your pipeline.

More forecast data makes the forecast more accurate. Selligy users keep their sales pipeline up to date as they go, not just right before the weekly review. This gives managers a forecast that's always up to date and helps them spot trouble and opportunities sooner.


more forecast updates
from salespeople

Capture who is in your deals, and discover how they got there.

Selligy detects when salespeople have customer meetings and calls with prospects that aren’t in Salesforce yet. With a simple tap, Selligy adds them.

Better deal data reveals marketing ROI. Selligy automatically adds customer contacts to the right Opportunity records. As a result, your marketing reports will reveal the links between marketing investments and sales success in specific deals.


Features sales reps will love

Features sales managers will love

Features your
sales rep will love

Log meetings and calls fast

Selligy allows you to capture everything that just happened with a meeting, opportunity, or contact with just a few finger swipes — saving your updates in all the right places in Salesforce.com

See Your Opportunity Timeline

Track your deal progress on an easy to access activity timeline. Since Selligy makes it easy to record what happened at customer meetings, you and your team will have a far better picture of the history of your deals.

Add Contacts to Salesforce

Create Salesforce contacts from meeting attendees with just two finger taps. Selligy automatically adds the Contacts to the right Account and even links them to the correct Opportunity.

Reminds You to Post Updates

Selligy reminds you to update Salesforce as you walk out of a meeting; even in an elevator! No need to remember to log the results of a meeting. Selligy takes you right to an activity report to update all of the relevant information all in one place: the opportunity, account, meeting, contacts, and next steps.

See all Your Meeting Information

Selligy reads your iPhone's calendar and brings Salesforce records, conference call dialing, maps, social profiles and more together automatically.

Features your
sales managers will love

See the daily heartbeat of sales

With Selligy, managers get a daily update on the ups and downs of all deals in their team. They see how customer meetings went, which deals went up, and which deals went down.

See who’s got hustle

Selligy gives managers a tool to explore all the selling activity of their team. They can see who is meeting with customers the most, who is meeting with the most important influencers, and who needs to take it up a notch.

More accurate forecasting

When your team enters more pipeline data, more frequently, your forecast becomes more accurate. Selligy's activity data will give you extra confidence in your numbers — and help you spot trouble sooner.

Link marketing to revenue

Selligy automatically links customer contacts to Opportunity records. As this data comes in, the team can finally see the links between marketing and revenue. You’ll be able to see the overlap between who you met at which trade show, who clicked on which email campaigns, and who were the influencers on specific deals tied to specific revenue.

Customer Success


Deirdre Mahon,
VP Marketing, Rainstor®

"With Selligy, our salespeople spend more time selling and less time with admin. Since we can track what's going on in our accounts, our Monday morning sales calls spend less time on account review and more on sales enablement, making our sales team more productive."

"With Selligy, we can now better understand what marketing investments drive leads and therefore focus on the activities that drive actual deals"
"Selligy is a buy for mobile sales teams."
"The 'final mile' of customer engagement has always been a dark art of enterprise Sales. Selligy's easy reporting sheds light on the entire sales process."
Deirdre Mahon

Vice President, Marketing,

Tech Republic

"2014 Cool Vendors in CRM"

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Basic Meetings & Calls

  • Log a call in Salesforce from iPhone calendar entry
  • Add meeting attendees in iPhone calendar entry to Salesforce accounts
  • Auto conference call dialing
  • Browse and update text fields for contacts, opportunities, accounts, events & Tasks
  • Update pipeline and forecast fields

Opportunities & Pipeline

  • Customizable call reports on contacts, opportunities, accounts, and events & tasks
  • View and edit you pipeline and forecast totals from a single screen
  • Use Quick Update to preview forecast changes and totals, then save all changes to Salesforce with a single tap

Team Tools & Reporting

  • Adoption Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Web-based Administration Console

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