Mobile-powered sales visibility

Selligy slashes the amount of time it takes for your team to post activity reports in Salesforce. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can see.

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Get more from your team and more into Salesforce

Less time entering data, happier salespeople

Selligy lets your salespeople enter deal updates with just finger swipes — automating the work of saving it in all the right places in Salesforce.

Accelerate and improve CRM adoption.

Rolling out Salesforce? Add Selligy to your team's tools and be hailed as a hero.

Improve confidence in your forecast

When you can see the activity history of every deal in Salesforce you'll know that your team's forecast is right.

Selligy makes life easier for sales people and collects 5x more activity data into Salesforce.

Selligy allows you to capture everything that just happened with a meeting, opportunity, or contact with just a few finger swipes — saving your updates in all the right places in

Track your deal progress on an easy to access activity timeline. Since Selligy makes it easy to record what happened at customer meetings, you and your team will have a far better picture of the history of your deals.

Create Salesforce contacts from meeting attendees with just two finger taps. Selligy automatically adds the Contacts to the right Account and even links them to the correct Opportunity.

Selligy reminds you to update Salesforce as you walk out of a meeting; even in an elevator! No need to remember to log the results of a meeting. Selligy takes you right to an activity report to update all of the relevant information all in one place: the opportunity, account, meeting, contacts, and next steps.

Selligy reads your iPhone's calendar and brings Salesforce records, conference call dialing, maps, social profiles and more together automatically.

Easy updates means more updates!

With our mobile app, Selligy slashes the time your team spends in CRM while giving you unprecedented visibility into selling activity.

Selligy customers are seeing:


more deal updates

After just a month, Selligy users log 150% more deal updates compared to their colleagues.


more activity visibility

Selligy allows users to log activities with a finger swipe, even automatically linking each activity to the right accounts, contacts, and deals.


more frequent pipeline updates

When your team can update the pipeline while walking out of a meeting, your pipeline becomes real time.

What kind of results will your company see?

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