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Selligy is used by innovative sales organizations of all sizes.
Success story

Backblaze triples sales development speed.

“Our inbound leads used to take an entire workday, now it’s done before lunch,” said Sona Patel, senior account executive at Backblaze.

“With Pursuit, we finally have time in the day for proactive prospecting.”

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Sales Development Planner

Can your team manage an increase in touch pattern steps? How many emails and calls will your touch pattern require each day at its peak? How many SDRs do you need based on your touch pattern?

Answers to these questions and more can be found in our interactive Sales Planner excel tool.

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From the blog

What's slowing down your sales development team? You are.

As a sales development manager, you do everything you can to increase your team's velocity and get results. But, many of the things you do to make your team more effective also makes them (and you) less efficient...

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"I love the Selligy App. I never liked logging my calls, but with Selligy I can do it on the go, and it's quick and painless."
"Selligy is ushering in a new level of sales productivity."
"With Pursuit, one button does everything ... I don’t have to go into Salesforce at all."
Donny Dvorin

Senior Director, Client Development, Magnetic

Edward McGinnis

Vice President, Worldwide Sales, CliQr

Sona Patel

Senior Account Exec, Backblaze